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Ray Agius

Ray Agius

Williamstown, Victoria


I am first and foremost a Gemini. My feet are placed precariously in several camps and constantly and easily cross over many boundaries.

My working life spanned 3 decades and embraced 3 continents. Some of my time was spent in the British Royal Navy and much of it in the International Automotive Industry. 

An Engineer and Designer is automatically a keen observer of life and human nature and from that I take much inspiration for my art.

I do not call myself just an artist but rather a purveyor, documenter and expositor of life, from which my art bleeds and sometimes gushes forth!

My skills and qualifications have been honed over decades, influenced by both current and long dead artists., Some of those with whom I have painted I now count as dear friends. Notwithstanding, I also pursued formal education in traditional arts, Industrial and Computer Aided Design at various universities in Europe and Australia.

In turn I've been a gunsmith, a mechanic, a draftsman and a technical designer and yet it has taken this long to find time and freedom to release myself from the bonds of corporate red tape. To free oneself from the need to be logical, practical and emotionless, to reject the rules and regulations that drain what little true art remains in a world of clones and packaged sensibilities.

Today, the feeling sense is what excites me and it is passion and pain that I care to paint, sculpt and render. 

Although writing, painting and sculpting are in my blood, what I expose to the world is emotion. Whether it is a piece of writing, a portrait, figurative work or military art, it is the story behind the visual that completes the whole narrative and no piece of art is allowed to just be its own reason for being.

We learn from each other and 
I hope my offerings can be of help to others as much as I have profited from the artists who display their work here and elsewhere.

Thank you for taking the time to drop in. Write me anytime, for any reason. I would be happy to receive you in my personal email space.


HMS Ashanti by Ray Agius


HMS Nelson by Ray Agius


HMS Duncan by Ray Agius


HMS Indomitable by Ray Agius


HMS Rodney by Ray Agius


SS Waimarama by Ray Agius


SS Glenorchy by Ray Agius


Mayday Mayday by Ray Agius


HMS Nigeria by Ray Agius


MS Ohio by Ray Agius


SS Ohio by Ray Agius


Santa Eliza Martyred by Ray Agius


SS Deucalion by Ray Agius


SS Melbourne Star by Ray Agius


SS Almeria Lykes by Ray Agius


SS Dorset by Ray Agius


MS Brisbane Star by Ray Agius


Shakima by Ray Agius


Jenny with yellow band by Ray Agius


Betsy by Ray Agius


Terrence by Ray Agius


Mary by Ray Agius


Erasto man of peace by Ray Agius


Ann by Ray Agius



Gabrielle by Ray Agius


Gabrielle standing by Ray Agius


Gabrielle with long hair by Ray Agius


Sketch for Gabrielle by Ray Agius


George Bernard Shaw by Ray Agius


Serena by Ray Agius


Tara by Ray Agius


Yelena by Ray Agius


Sketch for Charlie by Ray Agius


Sketch for Allison by Ray Agius


Sketch for Amanda G Wright by Ray Agius


Sketch for Helen by Ray Agius


Joe by Ray Agius



Sketch for Kasia by Ray Agius


Sketch for Kim by Ray Agius


Sketch for Imogen by Ray Agius


Sketch for Micky by Ray Agius


Girl with Scarf by Ray Agius


Diana by Ray Agius


Mother and Child by Ray Agius


Sketch for Rik by Ray Agius


Study fot Hortense by Ray Agius


Nicla by Ray Agius


Sketch for Pina by Ray Agius